OUR Team

Tony and Mary McLeod of Loxley Hall Ltd have assembled a team of apartment development specialists to deliver The Loxley Takapuna.


Loxley Hall LTD

Tony and Mary McLeod are long-time residents of the North Shore. Their 20 years' experience in property development, combined with their passion for central-Takapuna living, inspired the concept for The Loxley: a family-friendly development that best uses the site to maximise views, natural light and livability.

Phillips Associates

Phillips Associates is a design-based firm specialising in the innovation of architecture, working in partnership with their clients to create distinctive concepts that respond to the needs and expectations of the eventual occupier. They have a special interest in integrating the kiwi lifestyle into their architectural designs.

Northspace Interior Design

Northspace is a boutique interior design company specialising in innovative and creative environments. Their strong belief in integrity and longevity results in designs that are timeless and elegant; at the same time, they will challenge clients with their design ideas to ensure the finished results exceed expectations.